Frusso - FAQ

FRUSSO is a healthy drink rich in dietary fiber and prebiotics. Its main function is to help in defecation and maintain the health of the intestines. ....  View
Fibersol-2, psyllium husk, inulin, fructose, maltodextrin, palm fiber and cassia extract. ....  View
Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate, but it is not digested and absorbed by the body like starch or sugar, so it does not contain any calories. ....  View
Dietary fiber can be divided into two types: water soluble and water insoluble. The water-soluble fiber has high viscosity, it can absorb a large amount of water in the intestinal tract, forms a gel and combines with the feces in the intestine and eventually to be excreted. Insoluble fiber helps to increase the volume and weight of the stool, accelerates intestinal peristalsis and promotes bowel movements. ....  View
According to the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, we need to take 20-30 grams of dietary fiber a day, ie 2-3 servings of fruits and 3-4 servings of vegetables. ....  View
In addition to fruits and vegetables, cereals and nuts are also rich in dietary fiber. However, while taking dietary fiber, it is also necessary to pay attention to the calorie intake. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume large amounts of cereals and nuts to fulfill dietary fiber intake. ....  View
FRUSSO contains very low calories, a pack of only 15-21kcal (different flavors have different calories), therefore people who want to control calorie intake can take it with ease. ....  View
Prebiotic is also a type of dietary fiber, it is the nutrient of probiotics that helps probiotics growth in the intestines. ....  View
Foods rich in prebiotics include: garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, oats, etc. ....  View
FRUSSO is rich in dietary fiber and can accelerate bowel movements. FRUSSO also contains prebiotics that help probiotics grow in the intestines and keep the gut healthy, which in turn helps reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, dietary fiber in FRUSSO can also increase satiety, and taking it before meals can help control weight. Long-term consumption of dietary fiber can also control blood sugar and blood lipids to prevent chronic diseases. ....  View
Add a sachet of FRUSSO to 150 ml of room temperature water and mix well before drinking. ....  View
Customers are suggested to consumed it before going to bed. so that he/she can go to the toilet for defecation in the next morning. In addition, customers who want to maintain their body or lose weight can also take it before meals to increase their satiety therefore reducing their food intake. ....  View
It depends on personal preference. Mix FRUSSO with juice or yogurt can further improve bowel movements. But make sure that FRUSSO is completely dissolved in the beverage. ....  View
Usually, customer will have bowel movement after 8 hours of consumption. ....  View
A small number of people who take FRUSSO will have healing crisis of detoxification, such as mild stomach cramp , but these symptoms will be resolved after defecation. ....  View
It is safe to be consume, because it is all natural and does not contain any drug, and does not cause any side effects or dependence. ....  View
It is recommended to continue taking (1 sahcet per day or 1 sachet per 2 days) to supplement the dietary fiber you need. FRUSSO's function is not only to help in defecation, but also to help maintain intestinal health and prevent chronic diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so on. ....  View
Definately can. To gain weight, firstly we need to make sure that the bowel function remains optimal for more effective absorption of nutrients in the food. FRUSSO helps remove unwanted residues from the gut and helps probiotics growth and create a good intestinal environment. ....  View
FRUSSO has satety certification, it does not contain heavy metals, microorganisms and preservatives. ....  View
Can. The ingredients of FRUSSO are all derived from plants, without any animal-based ingredients, so it is suitable for vegetarian. ....  View
Yes, but it must be noted that most of Wellous's products are suggested to be consumed after meals, while FRUSSO is recommended to be sonsumed before bedtime. ....  View
If the customer is taking mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, or iron, they must be taken at least two hours apart because high fiber would reduce the absorption rate of minerals in the intestines. ....  View
Not recommended. Customers must take FRUSSO and the drug separately for at least two hours to avoid affecting the absorption and effect of the drug. ....  View
The ingredients of FRUSSO are natural and safe, however, there is no studies have proved that it is safe for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Therefore it is not recommended to them. ....  View
Can. FRUSSO does not contain sucrose or glucose, only a small amount of fructose, and fructose does not cause spike of blood sugar, so taking 1 or 2 sachets of FRUSSO per day does not affect the blood sugar of diabetic patients. In addition, dietary fiber in FRUSSO can also help delay the absorption of sugar and prevent the sudden increase of blood sugar. ....  View
Absolutely. Hemorrhoid patients should consume more dietary fiber because it helps to soften the stool and avoid constipation. ....  View
Not recommend. Patients with colitis must avoid foods such as spicy food, high oil and high fiber, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended to take FRUSSO to avoid more stomach upset. After the recovery of colitis, customers are can consume FRUSSO to help restore and maintain gastrointestinal health. ....  View
Both FRUSSO and SPI2RO are products for detoxification. In terms of function, FRUSSO focuses on intestinal health and disease prevention, while SPI2RO focuses on nutritional supplements after detoxification (as it contains spirulina and chlorella). FRUSSO contains high fiber (4.5 grams per sachet) and prebiotics, while SPI2RO contains less fiber. FRUSSO is a powdered product that needs to be mixed with water. SPI2RO is a chewable tablet. In addition, taking FRUSSO will make you feel full, but SPI2RO will not. ....  View
No problem, but customers are advised to take it according to their needs. Customers can take one SPI2RO and one pack of FRUSSO if necessary, but must take them separately. FRUSSO can be taken during day time, while SPI2RO can be taken before bedtime. ....  View
Dietary fiber in FRUSSO is helpful for gastric problems or excessive gastric juice production. However, if your stomach is sensitive, it is recommended to take it after meals. ....  View
No problem, but if your stomach is sensitive, it is recommended to take it after meals. ....  View
Patients with helicobacter infection must be treated with antibiotics. Customers are recommended to take FRUSSO following recovery of the infection to help the growth of probiotics in the intestine. ....  View
Yes, but FRUSSO cannot treat colorectal cancer. It is not recommended if the customer is suffering critical stage of colorectal cancer. ....  View
The main cause of appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix as a result of bacterial infection. Although appendicitis is not directly related to dietary fiber, scientific research and clinical experiments have proven that long-term intake of high fiber can maintain normal bowel movements, can also help to soften stool, reducing the chance of feces remaining in the intestine, hence reducing the risk of appendicitis. ....  View
Can. FRUSSO does not contain any estrogen, so it can be taken during menstruation. ....  View
FRUSSO is manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory in Malaysia. It contains palm fiber which is one of the unique plants in Malaysia. FRUSSO also contains other patented ingredient from Europe and Japan, including Fibersol-2, inulin, psyllium husk and dietary fiber, to provide the best effect of detoxification to the customers. ....  View
Frusso is a low-carb and high-fibre health supplement, it is not advisable to consume it as a meal replacement or as a slimming product. ....  View
The main causes of hernia are: (1) pressure in the intestine (2) intestinal muscles are weaken due to degeneration. Hernia is not directly related to dietary fiber, but high fiber intake helps in defecation, which can help to slow down muscle degradation in the intestine. ....  View
Can. Fibroids are benign tumors, and FRUSOSO is rich in dietary fiber, which will not affect each other. ....  View
Firstly, ask the customer whether the dialysis is done on every day or every few days. Does the doctor limit the amount of water customers can drink?Taking detox or high-fiber products requires to drink a lot of water. If the customer cannot get at least 2 liters of water in a day, it is not recommended to take FRUSSO. ....  View